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Golden Facts

10 Facts About Gold

1. Most of the world’s gold comes from Africa.

Africa is home to two thirds of all the gold ever mined.


2. Gold never rusts, corrodes, or tarnishes.

That’s why so many ancient gold artifacts remain intact to this day.


3. A piece of gold can be hammered into a very thin sheet.

Gold can be hammered until it it so thin, it’s see-through!


4. The deepest gold mines in the world are located in South Africa.

South Africa’s deepest operating mine is 3,5 kilometres deep. This min is an AngloGold Ashanti mine called TauTone in Carltonville.


5. Africans have been goldsmithing for thousands of years.

The deep-level gold in the South African Witwatersrand Basin area was only discovered about one hundred years ago. The oldest gold artifacts are Egyptian, some dating from 1352 BC.


6. It is safe to eat gold.

In some societies, eating gold is common, as the metal has no negative effect of the human body. In fact, this is the reason gold can be used for tooth fillings.


7. West Africa was once the world’s leading supplier of gold.

Between the 11th and 17th centuries, West Africa was the leading supplier of gold in the world. In the later Ages, this region supplied almost two thirds of the world’s gold production.


8. Gold is used in everyday technology.

Gold is used in very small microchips in computers, telephone exchanges and many other industrial applications.

9. Gold is used by astronauts in outer space.

Astronauts who walk in space are attached to the spaceship by a cord covered in gold to protect it from the heat of the sun. Parts of spaceships are also covered in blankets made of gold to keep the heat out.

10. Gold can be used with glass to make windows.

Gold can be electroplated with glass to help keep buildings cool by keeping the sunlight out.

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