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JCSA needs your Feedback | 2022 ShopJewellex

Dear Retail Jewellers and ShopJewellex 2022 Exhibitors

Compliments of the season and may 2023 be a successful year!

The Jewellery Council has over the years received continuous requests from our retail members to host a retail jewellery show and in 2022 a decision was taken to host ShopJewellex.

Unfortunately, the support from retail jewellers was poor and could be attributed to the uncertainty of a show being hosted for the first time as well as the current economic environment.

Support from consumers was lacking too, possibly due to being cautious with spending on luxury items and influenced by factors such as high petrol prices, interest rates, electricity costs and increase in food prices. It may be that anticipating consumers to be in the position to shop for diamond jewellery may have been an unrealistic expectation at this time.

The suitability of the venue could be another reason and although the Council was assured of the high foot traffic by Montecasino, an expectation had been created that the show would have been well attended. Despite the efforts made by the Council in partnership with our Marketing and Media agency, as listed below, to market the show, consumer attendance was poor.

  • Street Pole Posters
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Trade Marketing
  • SAJN
  • Biz-News
  • Jewellers Network
  • JZA Consumer Magazine
  • Pamphlets were distributed at high traffic areas in Fourways
  • Website Advertising
  • ShopJewellex
  • Montecasino Website Advert
  • Email Marketing to consumer database
  • SMS adverts sent to consumer and exhibitors’ database
  • Montecasino TV Screens
  • Advert aired on Hot FM (Radio)
  • Prize giveaways advertising on websites, email, and social media pages
  • Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – VIP’s and media were present at

Exhibitors were encouraged to also embark on their internal marketing campaigns which the majority had not done.

We need to hear from you on whether you believe this show should be hosted again.

Any ideas, feedback and input are greatly welcomed.

Please send your responses to Elsa, elsad@jewellery.org.za