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Jewellex365 B2B Hub

What is Jewellex365?

A TRADE ONLY hub and a one-stop-shop  where you are able to link your exhibitor page on the hub to your website, upload your product/services catalogues, offer exclusive discounts and receive quote queries, to name a few functionalities of the platform.

Both exhibitors and buyers who register on the platform will be required to be vetted before access is granted.

Jewellex365 B2B Hub has replaced the physical Jewellex Africa ?. for now.

What is the JCSA?s Objective?

To develop into and become the trading hub of Africa and thereby offer international countries an opportunity to see what ?Africa? has to offer.

Benefits of exhibiting on Jewellex365?

  • A digital presence that can be reached worldwide 24/7 365 days a year!
  • A one-stop shop with all products and services under one roof!
  • Loading up images of your products with full descriptions and pricing (optional). You have full access to your specific exhibit all year round to update and change products and pricing as and when you need.
  • Links from your page to your website and/or Social Media.
  • Customers will always be on alert to look for new products.
  • The platform provides an additional sales channel to market and sell products.
  • The platform can reduce your marketing costs when compared with other sales channels.
  • The use of the platform can provide opportunities for overseas sales that you would not otherwise be aware of.

How will Jewellex365 be marketed to attract buyers?

  1. With a database of 3550 companies, the Jewellery Council can market the platform to this captive audience via email, industry websites, Facebook, and its WhatsApp groups.
  2. The Jewellery Council has a collaboration with our valued industry partners – SA Jewellery News magazine, Jewellery Biz News, Jewellers? Network to actively promote and market Jewellex365.
  3. All VIP buyers will be pre-registered and sent an invitation to ?shop? online.
  4. All previous non-VIP Jewellex Africa buyers will be sent an invitation with a registration link to register as a buyer.
  5. Exhibitors will be encouraged to embark on personalised advertising and marketing campaigns to bring prospective buyers to view their platform.

Pilot Project Invitation

We invite you to participate in our pilot program in May.

You are encouraged to access the platform and register as an exhibitor and we will do all the ?heavy lifting? of uploading your information, products, services, and catalogues which you will supply to us.

As a thank you from us for your participation in the pilot program, we are offering you free exhibition ?time? for the month of June when the platform goes live.

You are under no obligation to take out a further subscription at the end of June, however, should you not subscribe after this date, your exhibition space will no longer be visible to buyers.

Click here to view the demo of the site: https://xd.adobe.com/view/0b977d83-27cc-4656-a9e9-a7aa91c08f73-5ec4/?fullscreen

Special Offer!

Should you wish to take out a subscription, for either 6 or 12 months, and sign up in May or June, you will receive a further 2 free months of exhibition time!

If you are as excited as we are and would like to participate in our pilot program in May, please email:

Elsa at  elsad@jewellery.org.za or call 082 214 0028

Kirsten at kirstenl@jewellery.org.za or call 061 078 2381

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Jewellex365 B2B Hub

What is Jewellex365? A TRADE ONLY hub and a one-stop-shop  where you are able to link your exhibitor page on the hub to your website,

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