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16 May 2020 Covid-19 – Assisting Members to Trade

Dear MembersI refer to the recent Webinar as well developments relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. Herewith an update:The Jewellery Council has made a submission to government on behalf of our industry to allow the entire value chain to operate together. A copy of the submission is attached for your perusal.The Jewellery Council has created an alliance with the SA Independent Tenants Association (SAITA) and will be working with Dr Ivor Blumenthal to assist our industry.1. Landlords – SAITA has agreed to represent our members with landlords and is in the process of drafting correspondence for members to use when negotiating with landlords. We suggest that you stall rental payments for now until we commence the negotiations.2. Manufacturing Trading – Manufacturers are permitted to trade and are able to receive deliveries of items such as metal, stones, etc. Manufacturers are also entitled to make deliveries of manufactured items themselves to trade clients / consumers / retailers (not permitted to open yet). In order to avoid complications with SAPS we have been advised that manufacturers should email the confirmation of the order and details of delivery to the recipient. They should then take a copy of the email with them and if stopped by SAPS, they can show this to them. For additional assurance, manufacturers are also welcome to obtain a permit on the email from the SAPS station commander in your area.3. Manufacturing Staff Working – Manufacturers may only allow 30% staff to work at one time and may rotate, allowing fair distribution of staff where possible.4. Manufacturers and E-Commerce – Manufacturers are permitted to sell online under Level 4.5. Retail Trading – Retail is not permitted, not even if you are open to do repairs or sell watch batteries. The retail part of the business should be closed.6. Retailers and E-Commerce –The new regulations now allow online jewellery sales. Online retailers have to give prominence to locally produced goods. Retailers are advised to download a CIPC Permit from the Biz portal website which will allow you to trade https://www.bizportal.gov.za/essential_service_apply.aspx Retail employers should issue employees involved in E-Commerce deliveries with a permit to perform an essential or permitted service duties. See Form 2, Page 27 on the following link http://www.jewellery.org.za/risk-adjusted-strategy-regulations-29-april-2020/ The employer may provide this signed and stamped form to the employee by email or WhatsApp.E-commerce jewellery retailers should note that whether you are operating from your shop or home, and it’s under the same name as your business, that you may be liable for rentals under your lease agreement, as it will be deemed taking occupation of your premises and you will forfeit your bargaining power with your landlord.7. Watch repairs, including battery installations and watch straps – it is our interpretation that you are, as a retailer, permitted to take in watch repairs, including battery installations and straps. All repairs should be delivered/couriered to the customer. Retailers such as Dischem are selling electronic goods such as Fitbits as well as accessories.8. Exporting – SAITA will be assisting the Council to approach DTI the create funding packages that will rejuvenate the export of jewellery. They are able to create specific packages contingent on design training, export training, and Export Marketing and Investment Assistance sponsorship.

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Submission to Government OBO Jewellery Industry.Rev8