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Selling with Integrity

Why you should become a member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa

Since 1973, the Jewellery Council of South Africa has worked tirelessly behind the scenes of the jewellery industry in South Africa.

Through discussions with industry representatives, we established a regulation board for our members and act as mediators and arbitrators in the event of complaints from consumers. We have set and maintain standards, are constantly working to increase education and awareness, and liaising on our members’ behalf with government, and other stakeholders in the trade.

In 1987, the JCSA was formally recognised by government as a representative body for the jewellery industry in South Africa.

Today, we serve all facets of the industry including; its customers, jewellery manufacturers, jewellery wholesalers/watch importers, jewellery retailers, diamond companies, jewellery-related services, and mining houses, and other related industry bodies.

What we do for our members

We take our role as custodians of the South African jewellery industry seriously, and strive to do our best to facilitate discussion and partnerships with government, and to elevate the standards of and confidence in the industry.

All members must adhere to the JCSA’s strict Code of Ethics and Conduct which states that the member will at all times:

  • Conduct business and treat customers in a manner befitting the status of a Jewellery Council member at all times;
  • Ensure that every purchaser is a satisfied customer, and to render prompt and efficient service;
  • Offer service based on the highest ethical standards;
  • Maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity;
  • Earn, establish and maintain a reputation for giving value at a fair price;
  • Promote goodwill and communication between Jewellery Council members;
  • Refrain from belittling the value and/or quality of merchandise supplied by competitors/colleagues;
  • Maintain sound business relationships with suppliers in order to provide the best ultimate service to customers;
  • Submit to arbitration in case of a dispute between member and customer, or member and supplier, or member and member; and
  • Avoid untruthful or misleading statements in publicity and/or advertising.

Our efforts are focused on:

  • Facilitating growth and unification of the jewellery industry;
  • Facilitating local beneficiation of precious metals, gemstones & semi-precious stones;
  • Facilitating local sales and exports;
  • Facilitating the industry’s growth into a more dominant player in the world market;
  • Providing comprehensive support and information services for industry stakeholders;
  • Actively promoting the industry locally and internationally;
  • Actively promoting co-operation between industry players;
  • Building consumer confidence in locally manufactured products;
  • Increasing awareness of the benefits of technology and education in industry;
  • Providing a clear “Way Forward” to government in order to promote industry & government partnerships;
  • Providing mediation and arbitration in the case of disputes between our members and their customers; members and their suppliers; and members and other members;
  • Providing opportunities for continuous education opportunities for all areas of the industry;
  • Hosting industry-relevant events including roadshows, the annual Jewellex Africa Trade Fair; and
  • Identifying and giving exposure to up-and-coming design and manufacturing members through competitions such as The Jewellery Council of South Africa’s Collection Awards Jewellery Design Competition.

Council membership is open to everyone within the jewellery industry – including individual, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, importers, diamond companies and those providing services to the jewellery industry.

To apply for membership please download and submit the JCSA Application for Membership form Membership Application Form. Fee structures relevant to the various constituents are available on request from our offices (011 484-5528) or via email admin@jewellery.org.za.